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Step-by-Step Directions

Mission 2: Activity C - Choose a Coupon with the Greatest Savings

Approximate time needed to complete: 10-15 minutes

In Activity C, the Agent must spoil Dr. Wick's plan by selecting the coupon from his four choices that will actually save customers the most total money. Agents must calculate the dollars and/or cents saved for all four coupons, then drag the coupon that saves the most into the answer area.

The total saved for each coupon are:
60% off 3 boxes of chicken nuggets:
• $1.99 + $1.99 + $1.99 = $5.97
• .60 x $5.97 = 3.582 = $3.58

Buy 5 chicken sandwiches, get 2 free:
$2.19 + $2.19 = $4.38

2 cheeseburgers for $20:
$0.00 - This actually increases the value of a cheeseburger, so there are no savings!

50 off a large soda:
$0.50 - The amount saved is listed right on the coupon!

The best deal - the coupon that saves the most money for the customer - is the Buy 5 chicken sandwiches, get 2 free coupon.

Special Problem Notes:
• Students must enter all four coupon values correctly before they are allowed to select the one that saves customers the most.

• When a number is entered correctly, the entry box turns green and locks.

• When the coupon savings (dollars and cents) is entered correctly, both boxes turn green and lock and a blue border appears around the coupon.

• Students must enter values in both dollars and cents, even if the dollar value is 0 (e.g. $0.50).

• To choose the best coupon, students must click and drag it onto the "Place coupon here" area.

  To use tools, simply click them from the bar on the left side of the screen. To close tools, use the "Ok" button or the close "X" in the upper left corner of the tool.


To-Do List
The 2 steps on the To-Do list are:

Step 1: Enter the total amount each coupon saves.

Step 2: Choose the coupon that saves the most money.
HQ E-mail
"We're halfway there. Now your job is to make this high-cholesterol adventure as expensive as possible for Dr. Wick. Choose the coupon that saves the most money. Every dollar customers save is a dollar out of Dr. Wick's pocket!"

Students can type letters and numbers into their notepad. Their notes travel with them throughout the whole mission.

Students can use the calculator by typing number on the keyboard or clicking with their mouse.

Yummy's! Menu
This menu appears next to the coupons and should be used to calculate savings.

Box of chicken nuggets $1.99
Chicken sandwich $2.19
Cheeseburger $1.29
Soda Small: $.79
Medium: $1.09
Large: $1.29


Pascal the Koala
Pascal is confused by the concept of a "coupon" and doesn't offer any help. [Why?]

Garbanzo al Dente
Garbanzo suggests estimating first to see if any of the deals are especially bad. He notes that the 2 cheeseburgers for $20 seems especially bad. The vocabulary word estimate is used.

Kotori Hoshi
Kotori draws three boxes and shades in 60% of each box. She then draws one large box (equal to the three smaller ones combined) and shades in 60%. She notes that the two boxes have equal amounts shaded in.

Coach emphatically reminds that to compare the four dissimilar coupons, the Agent first needs to turn the deals into cash values so they can be compared.

Mathbot shows a short video called "Coupons: The Gateway to Savings." It describes a 50% off sale at a vacuum store. If one vacuum costs $100 and a second $200, purchasing the larger item leads to larger dollar-value savings.

Deep Thought After 15 seconds: Deep Thought reminds that you should first consider the money each one saves by using the menu to figure out how much each item is worth.

After 15 more seconds: Deep Thought mentions that to calculate savings, you can first find out the normal cost and then subtract the discounted cost.

After 45 more seconds: Deep Thought walks through each of the four coupons. He notes that the cheeseburger coupon doesn't offer any savings at all. For the chicken sandwiches, Deep Thought says that you're getting 7 sandwiches for the price of 5, so the savings is exactly 2 chicken sandwiches. Deep Thought finds that to solve the chicken nugget problem, you need to convert 60% into .6 and multiply. He exclaims that the soda coupon is the easiest - the answer is right on the coupon. Finally, Deep Thought instructs Agents to put the coupon with the highest savings into the answer area.


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