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Step-by-Step Directions

Mission 2: Activity D & Endings - Choose the Live Entertainment for Opening Day

Approximate time needed to complete: 10-15 minutes

In the final Activity, the Agent must make sense of Dr. Wick, Platypus, and the Goon's three different scoring systems they used to rate entertainers for opening day. Dr. Wick scores the four performances on a scale from 0-10. Platypus uses the Danish system, with blue ribbons for the best score, red for an average score, and a white ribbon for the worst score. Goon #34 uses a simple thumbs up/ thumbs down scoring system. Additionally, Dr. Wick says his score should count twice since he is the most important. The agent must take all of these scores, convert them into a 0-10 scale, calculate the average score for each performance, and then choose the lowest rated performer.

To convert Platypus' scores:
a blue ribbon = 10; a red ribbon = 5; and a white ribbon = 0.

To convert Goon #34's scores:
thumbs up = 10, while thumbs down = 0.
All answers should take the form:
(Wick's score + Wick's score + Platypus' score + Goon's score) 4 = Performer Average Score, as explained in this chart:

Captain Kazoo & his Buckaroo <"Crocky" McMullet Funny Bob Doppelganger Peach Gobbler
(2 + 2 + 5 + 10) 4 = 19 4 =
4.75 average score
(8 + 8 + 10 + 0) 4 = 26 4 =
6.5 average score
(9 + 9 + 5 + 10) 4 = 33 4 =
8.25 average score
(5 + 5 + 0 + 10) 4 = 20 4 =
5 average score

The act the judges liked least was Captain Kazoo & his Buckaroo.

Special Problem Notes:
• Unlike other problems, answer boxes will not turn green and lock on the final problem. Agents are on their own to stop Dr. Wick! Students must first enter values from 0-10 on the Platypus and Goon's blanks.

• Once values are entered in all Platypus and Goon blanks, the "Average Score" row appears.

• Remind students that the Average Score row will appear no matter what values they put in the Platypus and Goon rows.

• Similarly, the "Which act did the judges like least?" box will appear no matter what values students enter for average scores.

• Students should enter the entire average score without rounding (e.g. 4.75, 6.5).

• Unlike other problems, students always get an HQ email when they submit an answer on the last problem. They may choose to recheck their answers or go ahead and submit what they entered to Dr. Wick and the AVU.

  To use tools, simply click them from the bar on the left side of the screen. To close tools, use the "Ok" button or the close "X" in the upper left corner of the tool.


To-Do List
The 3 steps on the To-Do list are:

Step 1: Convert Platypus' and the Goon's scores into numbers from 0 to 10.

Step 2: Enter the average score for each act.

Step 3: Choose the act with the lowest average score.
HQ E-mail
"This is our chance to totally sink Dr. Wick's plan! He's done half the work for us - all we need to do is choose the worst of all these acts. That will send the people running for the hills on opening day!"

Students can type letters and numbers into their notepad. Their notes travel with them throughout the whole mission.

Students can use the calculator by typing number on the keyboard or clicking with their mouse.

Rollover Information
Rolling over Dr. Wick's row reveals the message "Wick's score counts twice." Rolling over the Platypus' row reveals the message "Blue is the best, red is ok, white is the worst."

Performer Scores The table with the scores contains this information.

  Capt. Kazoo & his Buckaroo "Crocky" McMullet Funny Bob Doppelganger Peach Gobbler
Dr. Wick 2 8 9 5
Platypus Red Ribbon Blue Ribbon Red Ribbon White Ribbon
Goon Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


Pascal the Koala Pascal complains about the bad performances, suggests converting all the ratings into numbers, and then notes that blue ribbon, 10 out of 10, and thumbs up all mean the same thing.

Garbanzo al Dente
Garbanzo isn't much help on this problem, though he off-handedly uses the vocabulary term average.

Kotori Hoshi
Kotori makes a visual representation of the three scales. Dr. Wick's scores are represented by a bar broken into 10 segments. Platypus' ribbons are placed under Dr. Wick's scores at the far left, middle, and far right. Finally, the Goon's thumbs down and thumbs up are placed under both at the far left and far right, respectively.

After a short rant, Coach restates the steps of the problem in a different way: first, convert scores to numbers like Dr. Wick's, and then average the scores together to see who the biggest loser is.

Mathbot gives two terse hints: thumbs up should translate into 10, while thumbs down should equal 0, and that the formula for average is the sum of items divided by the number of items. The vocabulary terms formula and average are used.

Deep Thought
After 15 seconds: Deep Thought, worried that Platypus is onto their signal, quickly mentions that the Agent needs to find the average of the judges' scores. The vocabulary term average is used.

After 15 more seconds: Through intermittent static, Deep Thought tries to sum up both sorting the scores into common form and the process to find average: red ribbon equals 5, white ribbon equals 0, the Goon's thumbs up is 10, and average is the sum of scores divided by the number of scores. The vocabulary terms average and sum are used.

After 45 more seconds: Finally broken up by heavy static, Deep Thought manages to get out a reminder that Dr. Wick's score needs to be doubled before his transmission is cut off.


Training Mission: Clever Coach
Training Mission: Answer Key
You can use a Training Mission worksheet to introduce or review math topics explored in an Activity.

Field Log: Dr. Wick's Live Entertainment
Field Log: Answer Key
Your students can use a Field Log worksheet to record their solutions to the activity's math challenge.

Mission-Simulation Assignment: Operation new Agent
Mission-Simulation Assignment: Operation new Agent Answer Key
You can use a Mission-Simulation Assignment worksheet to reinforce or extend the mathematical concepts explored in an activity.

Approximate time needed to complete: 3-5 minutes

There are 3 possible endings based on how well the Agent does on the last problem. The ending the Agent sees is determined by which act the Agent selects:
  • "Crocky" McMullet or Funny Bob Doppelganger - selecting either of the two highest-rated performers loads the worst ending, in which Dr. Wick and Platypus have to be stopped by the Federal Subliminal Advertising Agency, who brainwash Platypus into arresting Dr. Wick. (Receives Good overall mission rating)

  • Peach Gobbler - selecting the next-to-lowest performer loads the okay ending, in which the opening of Yummy's! is stymied by a protest of the Peach Gobbler by the Peach Conservation Society, who drives away all business. (Receives Above Average overall mission rating)

  • Captain Kazoo & his Buckaroo - selecting the lowest-rated performer loads the best ending, in which the pirate musicians don't show up and Dr. Wick and Platypus are forced to perform themselves; their bickering and bad singing cause the people of Spurious to run for the hills. (Receives Outstanding overall mission rating)

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