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Step-by-Step Directions

Mission 1: Activity B - Choose the Building Material

Approximate time needed to complete: 5-15 minutes

In the second Activity, the Agent is asked to calculate the expense of covering Dr. Wick's golf course with three different options: Klimas Kelp, Agent W, and bundles of Boards and Rope. After computing the cost of each option, the Agent must rank the options from most expensive to least expensive.

Klimas Kelp: 0 + ($100*121,600) + 0 + $7,000,000 = $19,160,000

Agent W: $10,000,000 + ($74*121,600) + 0 + ($1.25*121,600) = $19,150,400

Boards & Rope:
Additional Cost - $5500/100 sq. mi. = X/1 sq. mi.
X = $55 per sq. mi.

Maintenance - $550/10 sq. mi. = X/1 sq. mi.
X = $55 per sq. mi.
0 + ($47.75*121,600) + ($55*121,600) + ($55*121,600) = $19,182,400

Order of answers (most expensive on left, least expensive on right): Boards & Rope, Klimas Kelp, Agent W

Special Problem Notes:
• Students can enter answers with or without commas.
• Answer boxes turn green and lock when the correct answer is entered.
• Once all three answers are correct, click and drag columns to put them in the correct order.

  To use tools, simply click them from the bar on the left side of the screen. To close tools, use the "Ok" button or the close "X" in the upper left corner of the tool.


To-Do List
The 2 steps on the To-Do list are:

Step 1: Find the cost for each of the three options

Step 2: Slide the most expensive option to the left and the least expensive option to the right
HQ E-mail
"This is our chance to begin ruining Dr. Wick's scheme. Instead of recommending the least expensive way to cover the Gulf, you should suggest the most expensive material. Dr. Wick will never check the math, and we'll tie up Platypus so he can't check it either. Deep Thought asked to remind you that you calculated the area of Dr. Wick's course to be 121,600 square miles. Good luck!"

Students can type letters and numbers into their notepad. Their notes travel with them throughout the whole Mission.

Students can use the calculator by typing number on the keyboard or clicking with their mouse.


Dr. Winifred Patterson
Winnie suggests writing an equation for each problem with X as the area of the golf course; she gives an example using Kelp. Vocabulary terms equation and square mile are mentioned.

Molly Wick
Molly displays a graph showing the cost of all three options plotted against area. She then notes where 121,600 falls on the graph. The vocabulary terms area, x-axis, and y-axis are mentioned in her answer.

Kotori Hoshi
Kotori displays three graphs showing cost plotted against area, then combines them into one graph. She notes where 121,600 square miles (the area of the golf course) falls on the combined graph.

Coach describes and shows the example of the price of putting letters on a baseball jersey to explain how to set up an equation with a variable. The vocabulary terms variable and constant are mentioned.

Mathbot suggest a four-step problem solving method using four character voices. Examples are given for Understand the Problem, Devise a Plan, Carry out the Plan, and Look Back. The vocabulary terms variable and square mile are used.

Deep Thought
After 15 seconds: Deep Thought hints that the user should first solve each option, then compare them.

After 15 more seconds: Deep Thought points out that only items that say "per square mile" should be multiplied by the course area.

After 45 more seconds:
• Deep Thought creates word sentences for the operations of each option, emphasizing differences between each choice.
• The user can choose to close the help or receive further help from Deep Thought. If they ask for more help, Deep Thought creates number sentences from the word sentences just created for all three options.


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