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Step-by-Step Directions

Mission 1: Activity C - Find the Number of Holes on the Course

Approximate time needed to complete: 5-10 minutes

Activity C asks the Agent to find the greatest number of triangular holes that can fit on Dr. Wick's golf course.

152 triangular holes fit on the golf course.

Special Problem Notes:
• Students do not need to place holes over the entire course to enter the correct answer.
• Both triangles and squares snap into place so that they fit evenly across the area.
• Students may use triangles or squares; however, remind them that Dr. Wick wants to know how many triangular holes fit on the course.
• Students can work with either triangles or squares, but not both at the same time. Closing the square tool erases all squares
• The answer box will turn green and lock when a student has the correct answer.

  To use tools, simply click them from the bar on the left side of the screen. To close tools, use the "Ok" button or the close "X" in the upper left corner of the tool.


To-Do List
The 2 steps on the To-Do list are:

Step 1: Find the most triangular holes that can fit on Dr. Wick's course

Step 2: Enter the total number of triangular holes and submit
HQ E-mail
"Well done! We've got Dr. Wick right where we want him. To run up costs, your Mission is to jam as many holes as possible on Dr. Wick's course. Between the massive size and the number of chocolate sand traps, this course will sink like the state of Arkansas."

Triangle Holes A, B, C, and D
Copies of the four hole designs can be dragged onto the course space. These are isosceles right triangles, with the two legs being 40 miles long. To remove all the triangles that have been placed, click the "Click here to remove ALL holes you have placed" button.

Students can type letters and numbers into their notepad. Their notes travel with them throughout the whole Mission.

Students can use the calculator by typing number on the keyboard or clicking with their mouse.

Square Tool
Similar to the area blocks in Problem 1, students can drag and drop area blocks onto the golf course space. In this case, a square might take the place of 2 triangular holes, reducing the number that need to be placed. Each square is 40 miles x 40 miles.

Ruler Tool
The ruler tool places a ruler around the west and south sides of the golf course. Each notch represents 10 miles.


Dr. Winifred Patterson
Though in a hurry, Winnie mentions the vocabulary term tessellations which students can follow to learn about shapes fitting together.

Molly Wick
Molly is disgusted with her brother's plans and doesn't offer any help on this problem. [Why?]

Kotori Hoshi
Kotori draws two opposite triangles, then combines them into a square shape, indicating that squares may take the place of two triangles.

Coach uses his basketball court clipboard to show how triangles form squares and can be put in rows to fill up the course.

Mathbot demonstrates the methodical solution of placing triangles down one at a time to cover the entire course area. The vocabulary terms grid and triangle are mentioned.

Deep Thought
After 15 seconds: Deep Thought mentions that students might combine two triangles to make one square.

After 15 more seconds: Deep Thought hints that students don't need to cover the entire surface, but instead just need to complete two sides. The vocabulary terms triangle, square and area are used.

After 45 more seconds: Deep Thought first prompts students to lay a row of squares horizontally across the top of the course. Once they have completed the row, Deep Thought prompts students to complete a column down the left side of the course. Finally, Deep Thought notes that with the length and width, students can figure out the area in square units, then divide by two to find the total number of triangles. The vocabulary terms horizontal, vertical, length, width and area are used in Deep Thought's answers.


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