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Step-by-Step Directions

Mission 1: Activity D & Endings - Create an Admission Price Report

Approximate time needed to complete: 5-10 minutes

The last problem asks the Agent to complete a report for the AVU about possible admission prices for Dr. Wick's course. After completing labels on the graph and using Dr. Wick's data to compute the income for 6 possible admission price options, the Agent must suggest the admission price that will earn Dr. Wick the least amount of money.

Ten fields must be entered for full credit on this problem:
• A graph title must be entered.
• The blank income label on the y-axis should read 720.
• The blank admission price label on the x-axis should read 30.
• Income (profit) blanks should read:

The recommended admission price should be $50, as that admission price brings in the least profit for Dr. Wick.

Special Problem Notes:
• Unlike other problems, answer boxes will not turn green and lock on the final problem - Agents are on their own to stop Dr. Wick!

• Students should begin by entering a graph title and labeling the two blanks on the x-axis and y-axis.

• The income (profit) column will appear when students enter values in all three graph blanks or call Deep Thought.

• When students enter a correct value in the income (profit) column, a data point will be drawn on the graph below.

• Remind students they should recommend an admission price, not an income to Dr. Wick and the AVU.

• Unlike other problems, students always get an HQ email when they submit an answer on the last problem. They may choose to recheck their answers or go ahead and submit what they entered to Dr. Wick and the AVU.

  To use tools, simply click them from the bar on the left side of the screen. To close tools, use the "Ok" button or the close "X" in the upper left corner of the tool.


To-Do List
The 4 steps on the To-Do list are:

Step 1: Title and label the report graph

Step 2: Calculate the income (profit) for each admission price.

Step 3: Enter the admission price that makes Dr. Wick the least income

Step 4: Submit report to AVU and admission price to Dr. Wick
HQ E-mail
"This is it! Operation Lead Weight is a go as soon as you complete this Mission. We've arranged for a little…um…"surprise" for Dr. Wick's opening day. But it's up to you to keep civilians away. The best way to do that is to keep Dr. Wick from making money. Your assignment is complete this report. You must tell our analysts the golf course admission price that makes Dr. Wick the least income. We'll do the rest. Dr. Wick will never know what hit him…"

Students can type letters and numbers into their notepad. Their notes travel with them throughout the whole Mission.

Students can use the calculator by typing number on the keyboard or clicking with their mouse.


Dr. Winifred Patterson
Winnie suggests examining the points plotted on the graph and gives the formula for finding admission price. She also reminds users to label their graph. The vocabulary words equation, calculus, x-axis, and y-axis are used.

Molly Wick
Molly gives the equation for income using a blend of words and mathematical symbols.

Kotori Hoshi
Kotori underlines the x-axis and y-axis in different colors, then circles the columns in the chart that are associated with the two axes.

After a longwinded speech, Coach restates the steps of the problem: find the income and label all the data points.

Mathbot Mathbot has an error and is no help on this problem. [Why?]

Deep Thought
After 15 seconds: Deep Thought mentions a static-filled connection and suggests computing the income for each price. A call to him at this point makes the income column appear at the right of the chart.

After 15 more seconds: Though static, Deep Thought suggests multiplying ticket price by the number of golfers to find income.

After 45 more seconds: Cut off by static at the end, Deep Thought gets out the vocabulary terms graph, y-axis and x-axis.


Training Mission: Table Tumble
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Field Log: Admission Price Report
Field Log: Admission Price Report Answer Key
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Mission-Simulation Assignment: Operation Ice Cream Machine
Mission-Simulation Assignment: Operation Ice Cream Machine Answer Key
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Approximate time needed to complete: 3-5 minutes

There are 3 possible endings based on how well the Agent does on the last problem. Out of 10 possible answers on the last problem:
  • 0-6 correct answers loads the worst ending, in which Dr. Wick and Platypus escape in a golf cart. (Receives Good overall Mission rating)

  • 7-9 correct answers loads the okay ending, in which Dr. Wick and Platypus are stranded on part of their golf course island. (Receives Above Average overall Mission rating)

  • A perfect 10 correct answers loads the best ending, in which Dr. Wick and Platypus sink along with the rest of the golf course. (Receives Outstanding overall Mission rating.

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