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For Teachers » Teacher Tips » Before Starting

  You have the POWER!

You can use the green arrows Skip Button on each page to go to the next section or review the previous section of each Mission.

When all else fails, you can use the secret keystroke to allow you to advance through a Mission without completing the math: Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and hit the Right Arrow key.

You might use this function, for example, when you are starting a Mission again during a subsequent class period or if a student has computer problems.

Before Starting

Plan for success.

Preview the entire Mission before introducing it to your students. Look at its supporting Teacher's Edition, including the comprehensive lesson plan for the mission.

Think about different ways to use the site with your students by considering questions such as:

  • Will you focus on one Mission?
  • Will you focus on specific Mission activities?
Each Mission contains activities that directly relate to Maryland's Voluntary State Curriculum. Look at the Teacher's Editions to find ways in which the activities address VSCs at different grade levels.

Think about different ways to present the site to your students, based on available computer hardware:
  • You can use a projector connected to your computer to show the site to your whole class.
  • You can form small groups to use several computers, either in your classroom or in a computer lab.
  • You can assign individuals to a single computer, either in your classroom or in a computer lab.
  • You can use any combination of these suggestions.
Bookmark the site's main page on any computers that students will use.

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