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Working through a Mission

Your students can use a Field Log to record their solutions to all activities that are part of a Mission. You can find them in the printable supplemental worksheets section or through the navigation bar on the left.

As your students work through a Mission, plan to circulate among your students to observe and help out if necessary. You may want to enlist computer-literate students to help as well.

Remind students that they can use various tools (such as a calculator) and call on helpers (the field agents and Deep Thought) if they need help. You may also want to assure them that there are many ways to solve an individual challenge and encourage them to think about and explore their own methods.

Mission scripts and vocabulary lists are available to support students. They are included in the Teacher's Editions for each Mission.

You'll need speakers or headphones to enjoy Villainy, Inc. to the fullest.

  • If you are in a setting where there are many computers, we strongly encourage you to make sure each student is using a set of headphones.

  • If you're using a projector to show the site to the whole class, make sure that your speakers allow everyone to hear.

  • Students can choose to turn on or off the narration at any time during the Mission.

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