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Villainy, Inc. Basics

In Villainy, Inc., the user becomes a secret agent working to foil Dr. Wick, ID's plans to overtake the world. The secret agents infiltrate Wick's headquarters in each mission, working under secret orders from the Anti Villainy Unit (or AVU).

The Missions
In each mission, the secret agent gets a chance to show that good math will always conquer evil.

There are four activities in each mission. In each activity, secret agents must use a combination of skills in many areas of mathematics – including geometry and algebra – to find a way to make things go awry for the evil Dr. Wick.

Agents must find correct answers to the first three activities in order to progress to the final activity. Their response to the final activity determines their AVU rating – and the ending of the mission they see portrayed on the screen.

The Helpers
In each mission, secret agents get a chance to pick two helpers to assist them as they work to solve the problems in the activities. Each helper has a different set of math skills. Agents can learn about these skills by reading their character biographies.

Deep Thought, AVU's resident genius, is always available to help. His responses are timed. Eventually, he will lead agents through a solution to the activity problem – but not before agents have time to try out their own ideas.

The Tools
Agents have a variety of tools to use in solving the problems, depending on the activity. They always have a calculator and a notebook available.

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