Villainy, Inc.
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About the Story

About the Story

Welcome to the Anti-Villainy Unit! As an agent in the AVU, your mission is to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Eugene Wick, ID, his sidekick Platypus, and all the Goons in his front company, Villainy Inc.

Information in the AVU is on a 'need to know' basis. So here's what you need to know:

The Missions
Your cover is as one of Dr. Wick's trusted advisors at Villainy, Inc. This means he'll turn to you for help on all of his plans…and that you alone can help stop him.

How? Dr. Wick has one important weakness: he has no idea how to make any of his plans work. With help from the AVU and some quick mathematical thinking, you should be able to foil Dr. Wick's plans without him even knowing it!

The Field Agents
The AVU has assembled an elite team to help you with your missions. Field Agents Garbanzo Al Dente, Dr. Winifred Patterson, Kotori Hoshi, Coach, Molly Wick, Pascal, and the robot Mathbot are all prepared to help you stop Dr. Wick. You can call on two field agents for help throughout each mission.

Each agent has their own strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to read their biographies in the Anti-Villainy Unit Briefing area.

Headquarters (HQ) & Deep Thought
HQ will tell you when and how to foil Dr. Wick's plans. You'll receive a briefing at the start of each mission. You'll also get an email from HQ before each activity with detailed instructions on what you're expected to do.

If you're stuck during a mission, you can always call on Deep Thought as a last resort. Deep Thought is the AVU's mysterious live-in genius. Each time you call Deep Thought you'll get a little more help. But don't call back too quickly, or you're likely to get Deep Thought's annoying secretary, Maxine. And don't expect Deep Thought to do your missions for you — you're not a field agent for nothing!

Who's Who?
The AVU has put together biographies on the villains of Villainy Inc. and the AVU Agents who must stop them. Review them carefully — you never know when a detail might help you save the world!

Villainy, Inc. Briefing Anti-Villainy Unit (AVU) Briefing
Dr. Eugene Wick, I.D.Dr. Eugene Wick, I.D.
The GoonsThe Goons
Undercover AgentUndercover Agent
Field Agents
 Dr. Winifred PattersonDr. Winifred Patterson
 Garbanzo Al DenteGarbanzo Al Dente
 Kotori HoshiKotori Hoshi
 Molly WickMolly Wick
Headquarters (HQ)
 Deep ThoughtDeep Thought

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