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· Villainy, Inc. Basics
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For Teachers

  Using the "For Teacher's" section:

Use the standards and connections chart to discover which Mission covers concepts in your curriculum.

Consult the "Teacher Tips", which are practical suggestions for getting started and proceeding through the Missions.

Need an in-depth guide to the Missions? Our Mission Teacher's Editions have everything you need — story synopsis, explanations, scripts, vocabulary lists, answer keys, and other web resources. They offer in-depth information about each activity in the Mission, the tools used, the helpers' advice, and what you or your students should notice on-screen as your students work.

Printable worksheets are available to introduce, record, and extend the mathematical learning in each Mission's activities.

Visit the Villainy, Inc. Briefing area for more background info on the story and characters.

Cross-curricular possibility
Invite a language arts colleague to read the Mission scripts ahead of time with students. The better the students understand the plot, the more they can focus on the math. Scripts are included in our Mission Teacher's Editions.

Villainy, Inc. Basics


Thank you for exploring Villainy Inc, an innovative site for middle grade mathematics students.

Carefully coordinated with national and state content standards, this site contains activities that explore statistics and probability, algebra, geometry, decimals, percents, negative numbers, and more.

In addition, through a generous grant from the U.S. Department of Education Ready to Teach initiative, we have added reading supports to ensure that all readers can access the content.

About The Story

Villainy, Inc is an animated story about Dr. Eugene Wick, ID, and his sidekick Platypus. Wick and "Platy" have ridiculously goofy plans to take over the world. For example, in Mission 1, Wick wants to turn the Gulf of Mexico into a golf course.

Your students will take on the role of an advisor to Dr. Wick's company, Villainy, Inc. Outwardly, they seem to go along with Wick's schemes. But, secretly, they are really working with the Anti-Villainy Unit (the AVU) as double agents, using their math skills to make sure Wick never succeeds.

Each story offers tongue-in-cheek dialogue along with comical animated characters and scenes that set the stage for mathematical success.

Mission + Math = Success

You and your students can choose one of two Missions to complete: Mission 1. The Golf of Mexico or Mission 2. Drive Thru Deceit. Each Mission starts with a story line. For example, in Mission 1, Dr. Wick wants to build a golf course in the Gulf of Mexico. Students have to solve at least three mathematical challenges to thwart Wicks' evil plans. Short animated segments advance the story and show how the mathematical challenges influence its outcome. Finally, students see one of three different endings, based on how correctly they answer the final math challenge. They also receive a rating of their success as a double-agent.

Students select two AVU helpers at the start of each Mission. Helpers each have different math strengths. For example, Garbanzo Al Dente is very good at estimation. You might want to introduce students to the helpers before starting a Mission. As they complete a Mission, students can also call on Deep Thought, AVU's resident genius, for assistance.

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