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  Inside information:

Deep Thought's advice for Agents is released based on time:

» After an Agent has been on a problem for 15 seconds, and calls upon Deep Thought, she or he will receive a response, and the timer starts again.

» After 15 more seconds from the first response, Deep Thought will offer another tidbit of assistance if asked, and the timer starts again.

» After 45 seconds from the second bit of help, Deep Thought will give a complete analysis of the problem if asked.

» If the Agent asks for help from Deep Thought too quickly, she or he will probably get a snide message from Maxine asking Agents to call back later.

HQ, Deep Thought, and Maxine

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The AVU doesn't just drop Agents in the wilderness with no help. Headquarters (HQ) offers important directions at every phase of the operation. And Agents can always turn to Deep Thought, the AVU's most powerful and most secret asset.

HQ   Information about Headquarters (HQ), comes on a "need-to-know" basis. And you don't need to know that much…

The important things are:

  • HQ will send you an email message telling you your missions
  • HQ can see everything that goes through your AVU Agent Watch, and will send you a message the moment your mission changes
  • HQ will let you know if something isn't right for the first part of your missions, but will stay silent at the very end of a mission
  • HQ Mission Reports at then end of an assignment will let you know how you did and what the result of your actions was

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Deep Thought and Maxine
Deep Thought   Very few have ever seen Deep Thought in person. There are all kinds of legends about his — or her — or even its true nature. Einstein's brain brought back to life? A bored teenager earning community service hours? Or maybe even a team of trained monkeys? Whoever Deep Thought is, (s)he's the AVU's best problem solver.
Maxine   Agents totally stuck on a problem can always call Deep Thought. Deep Thought gives excellent tips and eventually might even walk you through the problem! But don't call Deep Thought too quickly, or you'll get DT's sassy secretary, Maxine. Maxine is a stickler for following AVU rules, and she certainly won't let an Agent bother Deep Thought without a little effort first! And don't call Deep Thought back too quickly either — after answering a question, DT usually goes on odd errands…
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