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For more experienced readers:

A Mathematical Mystery Tour: Discovering the Truth and Beauty of the Cosmos
by A. K. Dewdney
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. [1999]
ISBN: 0471407348

Mathematics Subject[s]: Algebra, Calculus, Mathematical Analysis, Measurement & Geometry

Did we create mathematics, or did the laws of mathematics create everything in the universe, including us? That’s the primary question that drives this exploration, a theoretical world tour with visits to characters such as the fictional Dr. Petros Pygonopolis in Miletus, Pythagorus’ home and Professor Jusuf al-Flayli, an expert on ancient Islamic astronomy, who talks about the mathematical secrets of the night sky as the narrator and he travel through the desert by camel. Within the four stops on this tour, Dewdney, a computer science professor, finds that the quest of the answers is probably as important as the answers themselves.

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